I’m quitting

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    so yah as it says I might be quitting it’s been a fun ride and I hope nothing but the best for the server. I want to thank all the staff members for making my experience fun and exciting. Iv been playing Minecraft since it came out and it’s time to quit. I’m moving on to other games like madden, Forza and fortnite. Minecraft is just not as fun as it used to be. I’m older now aka a sophomore so it’s time to move on. Iv loved every moment and hope I can someday come back but for now I’m bored and it’d time for a break. I’ll be on forums checking it out every blue moon but not often as I’m also busy with school. I want to thank @SockOMG @ItzzAdrian and all the staff for making the server fun. Well good bye and I hope to come back soon.
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