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    Happy new year! To start the year off, we have added a GUI type auction house to Robbers and Skyblock! This auction house is a little different from the one in Prison, Factions, and Towny. Instead of only being able to sell one item at a time, multiple people can sell multiple items at a time and you can buy the items even when the seller is not online.

    Use /ah help for a list of all the commands.

    To sell something in the auction house put the desired item in your hand and use /ah sell (price)
    To view your item and buy other peoples items use /ah


    Your item will stay up i the auction house for 2 days, if no one has bought it, it will be moved to /ah expired
    To cancel your item in the auction house use /ah selling and click on it


    Also almost anyone who was denied for staff in 2017 will have another chance in 2018!
    Keep checking this page as we add new changes!
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    Nice, I mean, the expire time should probably be 1 day and a half but it doesn't really matter.