Grenade Launchers like they used to be

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Should Grenade Launchers get rid of crits and be able to co-exist with other gls in the hotbar?

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  1. I hate crits and would like to have more than one Grenade Launcher in my hotbar!

  2. I love crits and would not like to have more than one Grenade Launcher in my hotbar.

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  3. I don't care...

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    Jul 13, 2017
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    At the moment, grenade launchers have a chance to crit (I believe it to be about 10%, due to the server files that were given out by Joh after the server shut down). This crit is insanely OP and one-shots guard and occasionally warden too. However, rather than just nerfing the gl again, I propose a different solution. Before crits were made, you could have more than one grenade launcher in your hotbar. This was less OP than crits as you had to reload the gls individually and it was only very rarely that all of the grenades launched would hit their target.