Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions applies to all individuals that have purchased packages from Powercraft Network. If you break the terms and conditions we have the rights to permanently ban your account and IP address from our website, webstore & network.
When you are accepting the terms and conditions you're agreeing to the following
1. You are over 15 years old or have guardians permissions to purchase from us.
2. You will never chargeback any purchases as it'll get you banned from our services and it'll get you globally blacklisted from all Buycraft stores with fraud protection turned on.
3. You have permissions to use the paypal, credit & debit cards you purchase with.
4. We have the rights to modify or remove the package you have bought.
5. If you are banned from the network you will not be refunded.
6. If you are muted from the network we can remove parts of your package.
7. You will not be special treated if you break our network or website rules.
8. You will not enter incorrect billing details when checking out from the store.
9. You will save the email receipt from Buycraft or PayPal as a proof that you have made the purchase.

We will not be able to view any of your credit cards, debit cards or bank information as PayPal are protecting that information. Information such as billing address, IP address, real name, email addresses and the amount you have paid will never be shared with anyone. That information is encrypted and can only be viewed by Powercraft Network & Tebex Ltd (Buycraft).

We are not giving out refunds unless you have a good reason to be refunded. If you have a good reason you can contact us with the information found at the bottom of the terms and conditions. You'll have a much greater chance of being refunded if you contact us within 14 days with why you'd like a refund, what your real name is & what your Minecraft username is. Please keep in mind that if you constantly buy packages and request refunds you will be blocked from our webstore.

Powercraft Network is not in any way affiliated with Mojang AB, Microsoft Corporation or Minecraft. Minecraft is trademarked by Mojang AB & Microsoft Corporation. Powercraft Network is a company registered in Sweden.

We reserve the rights to edit the terms and conditions at any time.
The terms and conditions were last updated 30th of January 2017.
Contact us if you need help or have questions at Email@Powercraft.me