Network Rules

[1] No hacking
[2] No spamming
[3] No scamming
[4] No disrespect
[5] No bullying
[6] No racism
[7] No homophobia
[8] No serious threats
[9] Don't use autoclickers or macros
[10] Don't grief or steal on creative, skyblock or towny
[11] Don't advertise other servers ips, domains or websites
[12] Don't DDoS the players or the server
[13] Don't chargeback any payments made towards the network
[14] Don't use alternative accounts while banned or muted
[15] Don't leak private info such as IPs, addresses or names
[16] Don't exploit glitches! If you find any make an ticket
[17] Be nice and have fun!

NOTE! Breaking these rules will get you punished and customers will not be special treated.
The punishments might sync through the website, discord & network.