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This is a early and evil april joke, sorry lol.

I'm really sorry to announce this... but Powercraft Network has to be shut down due to Mojangs (microsofts) EULA forcing us with a lawsuit. The network was started 9th August 2012 on a crappy MCProhosting server which only had 5-10 players per day for a long while. But now we're having 5000-7000 unique players from different countries every single day which has been an huge improvement! We've been running for almost three years now and 311,294 players has been on the network in total. It has been a great time for me at least, you have probably had a great time too while playing on powercraft and getting new friends, spending hours on buildings, raiding and proving who's the best on pvp. But we have to say good bye to the great time we've had on the network and start over on another server. The network will be completely shut down the 30th April and the webstore will be inactivated immediately.
The swearing filter has been improved a lot! So pretty much all of the ugly words and swearing words should've been blocked by the filter now, if any words isn't though please tell us in the tickets as always ;) - http://www.powercraft.me/tickets. The picture down below is my alt account testing the new system.


Factions, Prison, PvP, Skyblock, Skygrid and GTA has gotten a new scoreboard. Everyone I've asked so far seems to be positive about it. If you however don't wanna see the board it or just wanna remove it for now type /board to toggle the board off and on. You can now see more statistic about yourself like how many times you died, killed, mined and more. If you got any suggestions just tell me ;)

PvP and GTA's clans has been reseted and we're not using a gang plugin instead since this plugin offers more features and less errors. It also stores the data safer tough MySQL and not Sql. You're also able to bet money and do gang fights with other players now. If I for example wanna bet 100 Cash to fight clan "Killers" type "/fight challenge 1 100 Killers" to bet 100 cash to fight with one player in the gang. Then when they accept we both type /gang join to start fight. And the winner will receive 200 Cash.

Punishment website
You're now able to view all bans/mutes/warnings on this website link here (http://t.co/FLYwJ4zZRb) cuz why not

Saint Patrick's Day Sale
Saint Patrick Day sale! 25% off everything for a limited time! With limited special packages - http://store.powercraft.me/category/364535
Trade plugin
You're from now on able to trade with players on Prison, Factions, Skyblock and Skygrid with a trade plugin to reduce the scamming. To start trade with someone type /Trade (name). The one you choose to trade with must accept the trade within 15 seconds. To accept he must type /Trade accept, otherwise the trade will get canceled. When you have put in what you wanna trade in the trade box and clicked the green wool it will count down 15 seconds so you got time to cancel the trade if you've changed your mind.

PvP Vaults
Everyone on kit pvp has been given more vaults. We've also created a menu for the vaults so you can access your vaults faster. The command to open the vault menu is "/Vaults". You can see how many vaults all ranks has down below.
Fighter [2] To [4]
VIP [3] To [7]
VIP+ [4] To [10]
MVP [5] To [17]

PvP Clans
You're now able to create clans aka teams on kit pvp! See a list of commands down below
/Clan create &d(tag) (name) - create a clan
/Clan invite (name) - invites a player to your clan
/Clan lookup (player) - lookup stats on a player
/Clan profile (clan) - lookup stats on a team
/Clan resign - leave/remove your clan
/Clan rival (clan) - make another clan your enemy
/Clan war add (clan) - create a war with another clan
/Clan kick (player) - kick a player from your clan

Skywars has been reseted due to the UUID name changing system... Sorry... Please don't kill me ._. However two new features has been added. You can type "/Stats" for player statistic. And you can talk global trough typing "/G (message)"

The recent GTA crashes has had the server down a lot and I've recently talked to the developer. He said that the latest versions of spigot has added an "Built-in Block-iterator feature" which messed up some stuff with the guns. He've however recently updated Crack Shot which fixes these issues. So it should all be fine now :)
Every month the top 10 voters receives a $20 USD coupon code that you can use in our webstore! If you wish to win you need to go on www.powercraft.me/vote and vote every day on all five links! A 20 USD coupon code has been given to all listed down below, check your messages if you won: www.powercraft.me/dashboard/messages

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Website theme
I've purchased a new website theme since it's a lot cooler and better looking then the other one that was made by me. This one is made by one of enjins head manager (C4D3R). That's why it looks so good ;). Discuss the website theme here: http://goo.gl/K3uLLq

Parkour maps
Two new parkour maps has been added to the server. The rank system has also been recreated so you won't be able to "rank down" anymore on the maps. I've also added the paper which will make it easier to warp to levels you've already done. instead of having to do /warp LVL10101010. Credit to @R3D4pple for finding the new maps which was built by professional builders AKA not johandrex. And don't worry about the "cheating" on the new maps since I've blocked every way to cheat on the maps. See in the images down below. If you find any bugs/errors or cheats in parkour please make a ticket: http://www.powercraft.me/tickets

invinsible cheat protection
[​IMG] [​IMG]

The chatcontrol has been updated which blocks swearing in caps. The smiley characters has also been removed due to that it's hard to see the unicodes. I've however added some new UNICODE characters. So saying anything of the words listed down below will replace it into the characters listed next to the word.

star = ✪
plus = ✚
minus = ‒
square = ▉
rect = ▉
rekt = ▉
<3 = ❤
ezz = ▉
cross = ✖
check = ✔
circle = ⦿
airplane = ✈
flower = ✿
sun ❋
moon ☾
music = ♬
peace = ✌
phone = ✆
call = ✆
snowflake = ❆
mail = ✉
pencil = ✎
jesus = ✞

Top 10 ages playing! (166 votes)
13 Years - 22%
14 Years - 18%
12 Years - 14%
11 Years - 10%
15 Years - 8%
16 Years - 7%
10 Years - 6%
8 Years - 5%
9 Years - 4%
18 Years - 4%
Creative has been reseted due to errors in the world and plots. This is the first time Creative has been reseted since it was started which is 30th November 2013 (2013-11-30). Creative has also removed the plugin PlotMe and installed Plotz for better performance and less errors. There's not really anything changed on creative except a few new commands which are these ones down below.

New commands:
/Plot world - Show statistic about the world
/Plot like - Stand on a plot to like it
/Plot likes - Show the amount of likes on a plot
/Plot comment (comment) - Make a comment on someones any plots
/Plot comments - Show the comments on a plot

Legit Factions
Legit factions has been removed from the network since it had way to little players online. That's why the server will be removed from the network. If you were a customer or player on the deleted server contact Email@Powercraft.me for information or to send me hate mails if that makes you feel any better. Sorry but I guess that's what happens if a server would follow Mojangs EULA.
Hello Powercrafters!
All servers are moving to better dedicated servers due to lag. It's the same company except that these dedicated servers are gaming servers and not website servers which we've been using all the time. The new dedicated servers are Intel i7 4770K's. They have more cores and threads which is important for the gaming performance. It is also better for single threaded performance which minecraft servers are using. You will barely notice any downtime since we're not moving all servers at the same time. But you will notice a better performance and that the lag spikes will be gone, after all servers are moved! It will take up to one week to move all the servers since the dedis are very popular and often sold out. But you can see what servers that has been moved down below.


Servers that have been moved

Servers that will be moved
Name changes
From now on you can change your minecraft username! Feel free to change your username if you want to. All your items, ranks, money and everything else will be transferred from your old account name to your new one automatically. Please follow the steps down below if you wanna change your minecraft username.

1. Go to account.mojang.com/login and fill the same details you use to the launcher.
2. Find your username next to "Minecraft" and click on "Change".
3. Fill in the new username you wish to have under "New profile name".
4. Log out from your minecraft launcher and fill in your email and password again.
5. Done, now you will have everything you had on the old name.
Every month the top 10 voters receives a $20 USD coupon code that you can use in our webstore! If you wish to win you need to go on www.powercraft.me/vote and vote every day on all five links! A 20 USD coupon code has been given to all listed down below, check your messages if you won: www.powercraft.me/dashboard/messages

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