Happy easter! We will host drop parties at Sunday this week. The drop parties will be held at Factions, PvP, Prison & Skyblock. We'll also have a small building contest on Creative, you won't win anything except honor. There'll be a clock showing the time we are going after at the left of this post, the time is not going after your local time. You can see the schedule over the drops down below. We're also having a 20% sale. This time the sale will be limited, it'll most likely end within 1-2 weeks.

Drop Parties 16th of April [+0 GMT]
PvP - 19:00
Factions - 20:00
Prison - 21:00
Skyblock - 22:00
Creative - 23:00 (building contest)

Factions have released. The server version is of course 1.8, but you may join with any client version as normally. To get items you can vote, open crates or visit drop parties. There will be a drop party on sunday, so if you don't have anythig now is your chance. The main PvP arena have been located at the good old "/warp end" which were the original PvP arena for Powercrafts older Faction servers. And as the majority wanted according to the poll, we've added PlayerVaults, mcMMO & ObsidianDestroyer. There'll neither be any Bedrock available or any OP Bases/Protected plots, which many people were worried about. The spawn which was made by B1GM4N was used on the last Faction server as well, but decided to keep it again since it looks so good.

We have added purchasable Ultra Keys. But since the server is EULA-friendly, everyone who is online while someone purchases a key will receive it. With the Ultra Key you can open the Ultra Crate which will give you one of the following (64 OP3 Potions, 64 OP2 Potions, Beast Kit, OP Kit, Block Kit).

Onto other topics. There will be an easter drop party this sunday on multiple servers, more info about the drop will come tomorrow. GTA will return in two weeks reseted.


Here's the top fifteen voters for this month! Every month the five top voters receives a $30 USD coupon while the other ten top voters receives a $20 USD coupon. If you're one of the winners read the message you received from Johandrex in your messages. If you haven't registered and joined the website you'll be unable to claim your prize, follow this tutorial in order to join our website. Do you want to become one of the top voters next month? Then vote on all four links every day for one month.

Top Voters March
[​IMG] - Dyreby
103 votes - 30 USD
[​IMG] - iidiamondxIsBae
103 votes - 30 USD
[​IMG] - piep2
100 votes - 30 USD
[​IMG] - Poseidon79
99 votes - 30 USD
[​IMG] - KukSlukarn
97 votes - 30 USD
[​IMG] - Shoodow
95 votes - 20 USD
[​IMG] - MikeoVine
92 votes - 20 USD
[​IMG] - Smylo
90 votes - 20 USD
[​IMG] - Firemen1
88 votes - 20 USD
[​IMG] - G0DTrenqz
87 votes - 20 USD
[​IMG] - basgeerts99
84 votes - 20 USD
[​IMG] - ItzzzUMyQueen
84 votes - 20 USD
[​IMG] - jacobballard
83 votes - 20 USD
[​IMG] - Funful
81 votes - 20 USD...
The network will be down for maintenance 13th of March! All servers will be moved over and hosted from a new dedicated server. It will allow the servers to run with more RAM, since the servers currently crashes 1 - 3 times on weekends due to the lack of ram. The dedicated server will also provide more file storage allowing us to start working on Factions & GTA, those servers will be back in the end of this month or in the beginning of the next month. If you are a Faction player, kindly fill out this short poll. The network will be back on 14th of March!


If you don't have anything to do under the downtime, check out these amazing movies!
- Donnie Darko - Scary rabbit (age 16+)
- Mr. Nobody - Multiple possibilities, romance
- Django Unchained - Bounty hunter, slavery (age 14+)
- The Hateful Eight - Bounty hunters (age 18+)
- American History X - Nazis (age 15+)
- Interstellar - Space
- Flipped - Romance
The network is back! I'm sorry for delaying this post, it was meant to come out the same day the network started 15th of February. But since there were so many major bugs that had to be fixed I had to prioritize that. Also, I honestly didn't expect that this many players would return and play again, and for that I am grateful. But why did I start the network again? The main reason is because I'll have to get a job so I can provide for a living since I've finished school in four months. So I was going to boot up the network and advertise my hosting website which I might discontinue soon. I strongly though that the network wouldn't make enough money by complying with the EULA, but I were wrong. But don't think that the only reason I have the network running is because I can maintain a living from it, I also missed it extremely much. It felt peaceful the first month after it shut down, since I wasn't stressed and had no responsibilities. But 2-3 months after it shut down I missed having responsibilities and I missed having something to do, I started to miss the network more and more after that. But I am glad that everything worked out, that more players than I expected came back and that I can keep the network as a job.

We are complying with the EULA and will continue to do so since we're getting enough money. But in case Mojang would change their mind and decide that something in our store is violating the EULA they would blacklist us and email us about it. We would of course comply, remove the feature and email Mojang. But the Mojang enforcement team is usually very slow at responding to emails. Causing the network to be blacklisted for a few days or even weeks in case they'd blacklist us before holiday seasons, which I've seen them do to other servers just before Christmas last year. To prevent this we'd suggest all of our players to download the SquidHQ launcher at https://squidhq.com/ which bypasses...
The network returned 15th of February.
I know there's a lot of bugs, I am working on fixing them. I will write a long ass post about the startup and notify the people on the website & social media that the network is back in 1-2 days. Kindly do use tickets to report bugs - http://www.powercraft.me/tickets. Do not email me since I am not using emails anymore.
I'm sorry to announce that the network is shutting down completely by 29th of May. We are shutting down because we are not allowed to sell commands, items or ranks in our webstore that violates Mojangs EULA (End Of User License). We'll be unable to pay our bills on 1200 USD each month because of this. Even if we completely stops with advertising on google adwords and project wonderful we would still have to pay around 800 USD each month. I thought that we would survive this at first. But after the blacklist we lost a lot of unique players online a day as you can see on the image covering the player statistic for the last 30 days - https://gyazo.com/a32436a8d9b8eea83a98cdb1faf4992c

Minecraft is dying anyway. I don't know if you have noticed but other big servers like Badlion, Minetime, Menoxia and lots of other servers have shut down due to the EULA. Server owner over Arkham Network have quit due to EULA as well. I'm honestly a bit relieved to quit Minecraft. Because I have ran Minecraft servers for 4 years (Powercraft, Raidcraft, Raidnation, Minecrave and Powercraft Network) and I have played Minecraft for nearly 6 years (since November 2011 when Minecraft 1.0 released). Minecraft was literally my first computer game. It may sound stupid but I've wanted to play other games like Fallout, Far Cry, Bioshock and other games for a long time but I never have time for that except under summer and winter breaks. I'd also like to get better grades in school as I haven't had time for that shit either. But since I'm graduating next year I will have to get a job. So gotta get those grades.

In our terms and condition we don't offer refunds. But since I am so nice everyone that purchased ranks, items or packages in May can choose between a refund or a download link to all servers files so you can continue to host the server on your pc or save the maps on singleplayer and play there. If you've purchased a lot within the last years you may create a ticket anyway...
UPDATE # 4: We're being unblocked within some hours according to Mojang - https://gyazo.com/380c9144bc82bdb21c0f9d997eff4b56

UPDATE # 3: Mojang mailed us again and said that we're not allowed to give people free ranks if they vote for it on voting sites. The players must earn it in game. So we won't be unblacklisted until next week.

UPDATE # 2: If the network isn't whitelisted by tomorrow we will have to wait for Mojang to whitelist us next week. So please help the network getting unblacklisted tomorrow as we've made our store EULA compliant and followed Mojangs demand on making all ranks available for soft currency (vote tokens). You can either let Mojang know this by tweeting them (https://twitter.com/MojangSupport) or email them at "enforcement@mojang.com"

UPDATE # 1: You can access the network with the IP "Raidcraft.info"
The network is currently blacklisted due to breaking Mojangs EULA. We're currently working on getting un-blacklisted. Please stay tuned, but if you can't wait 1-2 days you could install Optifine (which reduces lag a lot as well). Tutorial on how to install Optifine
Hello again! We have recently heard that the blacklist will be implanted in all Minecraft versions, which gives us two options. We can either shut down the network completely or adapt to the EULA. We are obviously not going to shut down the network, so we will adapt to the EULA.

There's currently a 55% sale on all ranks & packages for a limited time. This sale is limited and may be up for single day or a week, we don't really know. This is the last time you have the possibility to purchase ranks & packages that gives you better advantages since it's being removed from the store. But everyone that already have purchased ranks and packages will keep them! You will keep everything including money, kits, permissions. You will however not keep the rank prefix (The tag in the chat, [VIP] for example). So if you want a rank you may only have a couple of days to purchase it. We're going to replace the packages in the store with EULA compliant ranks & packages.

You may wonder how we'll be able to pay for the billings, but don't worry! I've managed to get the billings down with 68.6% by stopping with Advertising, Moving to a cheaper web host, Switching to OneDrive, Switching to a cheaper domain manager and by hiring developers less often. The Dedicated server will however not be changed as we're in need of the current one. As long as players keep purchasing and playing we will NOT shut down! :)
Dear players, I have some very bad news. Mojang has been mailing large server owners the recent months telling us to comply to their EULA. I did not take these threats from Mojang seriously as I didn't think they would go so low and block players from playing on their favorite servers which they have paid real money on. Mojang have added Powercraft Network along with 31 other servers that hasn't complied with the EULA on the blacklist.

Will we shut down? No the network is NOT shutting down! We'll fight to the end!

What is the EULA? EULA is short for "End Of User License Agreement" which applies to everyone that uses Mojangs services. Their EULA states that servers are allowed to sell ranks & packages. But servers are not allowed to sell packages that gives customers better advantages than default players. Which is insane. If we had to follow the EULA we'd have to sell hats and nicknames which no one would pay for, it'd neither cover our costs. Another big server whose name won't be mentioned did try to follow the EULA. But they weren't able to pay their billing as players stopped purchasing ranks. You can read Mojangs EULA here - https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula

Will I loose my ranks/packages that I have bought? No, you will keep all your ranks and packages. We will not comply to Mojangs EULA. If we were forced to agree to the EULA everyone would still keep what they have bought and we'd have to limit the "free" playtime to get players to pay for playing just to cover our costs. I am strongly against this change, but it'd be the only way to maintain the server as EULA compliant. If you have any questions please post it in the comments and I'll answer them. Also don't worry, the new Parkour maps will come out next week as scheduled.

DON'T UPDATE TO 1.9.3! From the information we know so far, the...