What minigames do you like most???

Please post in comments what minigame you like most
It wont be a reset some people seems to think that ._. idk why but it wont be any resets

but im making new servers
Survivial Server
Build Server
And a Kit pvp/Op Raid server
Any suggestions for servers?
And what server would u like most? kit pvp server or OP Raid Server

Please comment what you think its very helpfull
Im gone on a trip i will be back on Thursday D:
Who wants a server reset????

This is just a question to see if people want a reset
IM SICK D:::::::::::::

i been for 2 weeks now ._.
EVeryone put in wich websites u are looking on when u look for minecraft servers
Somone puted up this server on Minestatus plz remove it if its you....
Kit forum
Kit forum is now working :D
When you have joined the website AND
vote 10 times on the vote things :p
ALSO The Vote 3 Is fixed
Dont worry im fixing so all get acces to /kit forum all will have it in like 2-5 Days
Hi this is our new forum for Raidcraft.no-ip.info :D

Please join it it will give u a /kit forum on the server you will get 500 Emeraldblocks, 32 OP Apples, 32 Diamondblocks, and 200 Obsidian
Also you can vote for the server next to this text when you vote you recive 200 XP Levels and 4,000$ When you vote on all 4 links
The most voting player will get a god kit (/kit god) In the end of the month