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Would you like to download all maps and plugins? If you purchased something from our webstore you may go here and request all server files - www.powercraft.me/tickets

Getting many questions about hosting. I've used OVH but they're a bit too expensive for new servers. I've used Fluctis, MCProhosting and Envioushost under the last 4 years. I recommend Envioushost. But don't ever rent from FluctisHosting.
Locking the website
Given 328 people the files, thanks for the amazing time. If you would like all server files, maps and plugins make an ticket - [link]
So bored without powercraft, why did mojang and the new eula have to be such a bitch to us!!!
From TornadoGamingGD
Lockgor if you see this I want to keep in touch with you buddy
Zodiac *shivers* don't wanna join dat
will the server files be after joh gave everyone 60trillion$$$ and destroyed creative or after?
Hey anyone on
When will we get the files?
oh lol i didnt know the website is still up for now
Unless you are like me and have your own server at your house :p
Johan if the eula removed this rule are you going to get the server on again??
It will take years, and there is a possible way that only 10 people can join because you all can't afford more.
I don't get why people try to build a new ''powercraft''
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Shutting down

Johandrex posted May 19, 16

I'm sorry to announce that the network is shutting down completely by 29th of May. We are shutting down because we are not allowed to sell commands, items or ranks in our webstore that violates Mojangs EULA (End Of User License). We'll be unable to pay our bills on 1200 USD each month because of this. Even if we completely stops with advertising on google adwords and project wonderful we would still have to pay around 800 USD each month. I thought that we would survive this at first. But after the blacklist we lost a lot of unique players online a day as you can see on the image covering the player statistic for the last 30 days - https://gyazo.com/a32436a8d9b8eea83a98cdb1faf4992c

Minecraft is dying anyway. I don't know if you have noticed but other big servers like Badlion, Minetime, Menoxia and lots of other servers have shut down due to the EULA. Server owner over Arkham Network have quit due to EULA as well. I'm honestly a bit relieved to quit Minecraft. Because I have ran Minecraft servers for 4 years (Powercraft, Raidcraft, Raidnation, Minecrave and Powercraft Network) and I have played Minecraft for nearly 6 years (since November 2011 when Minecraft 1.0 released). Minecraft was literally my first computer game. It may sound stupid but I've wanted to play other games like Fallout, Far Cry, Bioshock and other games for a long time but I never have time for that except under summer and winter breaks. I'd also like to get better grades in school as I haven't had time for that shit either. But since I'm graduating next year I will have to get a job. So gotta get those grades.

In our terms and condition we don't offer refunds. But since I am so nice everyone that purchased ranks, items or packages in May can choose between a refund or a download link to all servers files so you can continue to host the server on your pc or save the maps on singleplayer and play there. If you've purchased a lot within the last years you may create a ticket anyway and you may receive the server files too.

Thank you all for the wonderful years and good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Anonymous User RIP Powercraft :(
minecrafty13 my favorite server is shut down NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. WHY MOJANG
minecrafty13 is it shut down now?


Johandrex posted May 10, 16

UPDATE # 4: We're being unblocked within some hours according to Mojang - https://gyazo.com/380c9144bc82bdb21c0f9d997eff4b56

UPDATE # 3: Mojang mailed us again and said that we're not allowed to give people free ranks if they vote for it on voting sites. The players must earn it in game. So we won't be unblacklisted until next week.

UPDATE # 2: If the network isn't whitelisted by tomorrow we will have to wait for Mojang to whitelist us next week. So please help the network getting unblacklisted tomorrow as we've made our store EULA compliant and followed Mojangs demand on making all ranks available for soft currency (vote tokens). You can either let Mojang know this by tweeting them (https://twitter.com/MojangSupport) or email them at "enforcement@mojang.com"

UPDATE # 1: You can access the network with the IP "Raidcraft.info"

The network is currently blacklisted due to breaking Mojangs EULA. We're currently working on getting un-blacklisted. Please stay tuned, but if you can't wait 1-2 days you could install Optifine (which reduces lag a lot as well). Tutorial on how to install Optifine

EleperroVII ) What?!!!! Why?????? are you kidding me? this is my fave server,. You can't do this!
Josiah08 'no no no, changing color on plots & islands is 100% Pay to win. #MojangSense' - If thats pay2win, the...
XLenerf Damn, things sure have changed. Purchasing ranks are not permanent anymore, you have to suscribe to them. The new &q...

EULA Compliance

Johandrex posted May 1, 16

Hello again! We have recently heard that the blacklist will be implanted in all Minecraft versions, which gives us two options. We can either shut down the network completely or adapt to the EULA. We are obviously not going to shut down the network, so we will adapt to the EULA.

There's currently a 55% sale on all ranks & packages for a limited time. This sale is limited and may be up for single day or a week, we don't really know. This is the last time you have the possibility to purchase ranks & packages that gives you better advantages since it's being removed from the store. But everyone that already have purchased ranks and packages will keep them! You will keep everything including money, kits, permissions. You will however not keep the rank prefix (The tag in the chat, [VIP] for example). So if you want a rank you may only have a couple of days to purchase it. We're going to replace the packages in the store with EULA compliant ranks & packages.

You may wonder how we'll be able to pay for the billings, but don't worry! I've managed to get the billings down with 68.6% by stopping with Advertising, Moving to a cheaper web host, Switching to OneDrive, Switching to a cheaper domain manager and by hiring developers less often. The Dedicated server will however not be changed as we're in need of the current one. As long as players keep purchasing and playing we will NOT shut down! :)

DrColeyo Joh, Personally I love powercraft and will miss is dearly and Mojang disgust me. Me and my friends will forever remember...
crafting1chicken Johandrex, are you saying the servers closed down, just for a few years or something or forever, please explain on my wa...
minecrafty13 please don't shut down the server one of my best friends is on it and he isn't online so i cant give him an ip...
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