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Foxie, here is the discord link: [link] but its not driven by joh
Foxie we already have a discord [link]
make a ts server :)
Well rip you then xD.
yea but i'm still banned :C xd fml haha
Yes, my video. Priim3_PvP probably hitted me too, i can't remember because it's so long time ago. But i definitely saw some toggle from you. But Powercraft is back, and everyone have gotten a second chance. So let's just forget about that moment :).
i promis u i never hacked on Powercraft :P
ur vid. ? if u mean that.. look at it and u will see that there was Priim3_PvP not me who hitted u xd
You did hack one :). I remember when i caught you.
x) i remember the most out of here to lol im still banned for hacks lol i thought they would knew that i never hacked xd
I do :).
some1 here that remembers the banned Venxz ? x)
The best thing to do with lag in prison IS NOT have autoblock switched on. Use /ab instead
You do not have access to shout.

We are back!

Johandrex posted Sat at 15:10

The network is back! I'm sorry for delaying this post, it was meant to come out the same day the network started 15th of February. But since there were so many major bugs that had to be fixed I had to prioritize that. Also, I honestly didn't expect that this many players would return and play again, and for that I am grateful. But why did I start the network again? The main reason is because I'll have to get a job so I can provide for a living since I've finished school in four months. So I was going to boot up the network and advertise my hosting website which I might discontinue soon. I strongly though that the network wouldn't make enough money by complying with the EULA, but I were wrong. But don't think that the only reason I have the network running is because I can maintain a living from it, I also missed it extremely much. It felt peaceful the first month after it shut down, since I wasn't stressed and had no responsibilities. But 2-3 months after it shut down I missed having responsibilities and I missed having something to do, I started to miss the network more and more after that. But I am glad that everything worked out, that more players than I expected came back and that I can keep the network as a job.

We are complying with the EULA and will continue to do so since we're getting enough money. But in case Mojang would change their mind and decide that something in our store is violating the EULA they would blacklist us and email us about it. We would of course comply, remove the feature and email Mojang. But the Mojang enforcement team is usually very slow at responding to emails. Causing the network to be blacklisted for a few days or even weeks in case they'd blacklist us before holiday seasons, which I've seen them do to other servers just before Christmas last year. To prevent this we'd suggest all of our players to download the SquidHQ launcher at https://squidhq.com/ which bypasses Mojangs blacklist.

I'd also like to address why all old customer ranks and permissions were removed. No, you will not be refunded or receive another rank. There's a few reasons for this decision. Mojangs EULA allows us to keep the ranks and permissions if we allow regular players to retrieve the same ranks and permissions with in game money. This would cause our servers to remain pay to win, or pay for advantages as I call it. It'd also make those ranks more attractive than the ranks in the store, reducing our sales and making EULA friendly ranks useless. But why aren't you being refunded? Well because we've already used the money and you've already had the ranks from 2 months to 3 years.

The current dedicated server is extremely weak, why? I strongly doubted that there'd be so many people coming back and playing. The dedicated server is barely keeping all of the servers alive due to the lack of RAM. Right now the servers are using 29 GB out of 32 GB. I have reduced the ram on some servers since some servers crashed due to lack of ram yesterday. The file storage is at 78% as you can see here. You might also wonder why Factions, GTA & Survival Games have disappeared. Well since there isn't enough file storage or RAM it's not possible to bring all of our servers back. Factions will return, but there's no details on whether factions will reset or not. GTA might also return, it's however unsure. If GTA returns it will be reseted completely, with new plugins and a new map. But Survival Games will not come back due to the lack of players on it. The network will get a better dedicated server next month around 10th of March, with more RAM and storage.

As you all have noticed some servers have switched to 1.8 completely since the majority of pvp players prefers 1.8 than 1.9. The following servers have switched to 1.8: PvP, Skywars, Robbers & Prison. If you don't believe it's 1.8, go a head and write "/version" for confirmation. This doesn't mean you have to use Minecraft 1.8 to play on 1.8 servers. You can use any version from 1.8 to 1.11.2 and join any of our servers no matter of the server version. How? Well the servers are using a protocol hack allowing different versions to join servers with different versions. This doesn't come without cost though, there will be some bugs such as lillypads glitching if you're on 1.9+ and sounds from some plugins are broken for specific versions and so on.

Now what changes have the servers gone through? The playervaults & ranks on Cops & Robbers have been removed. From now on you will have to use in game money in order to retrieve the old guard ranks. The parkour levels & checkpoints have been deleted, so you'll all have a new challenge. Skywars points, money & kits have been removed. Creative, Skyblock & Towny have been left almost untouched. The only change on Skyblock is that the spawners have been purged. Prison have been untouched, but everyone that had cells & plots will have to move into the new cells in order to stay non-payforadvantages. There were however some issues when downgrading all of the maps from 1.9 to 1.8. Almost all chests & signs got cleared out, the signs on pvp, skywars, robbers & prison have been replaced. Almost all cells on prison are fine, some prison plots are however corrupted. If you're missing items in your chests on prison, make a ticket and I will help you out. Don't attempt to trick me, I'll know if the chunk were slightly corrupted or not. Almost all old hackers have gotten a second chance, muted players may appeal for a second chance as well here

Also, the we have gotten facebook & instagram. So follow us.
Twitter: @PowercraftMe
Facebook: @PowercraftMe
Instagram: @PowercraftMe

ola71 I really hope GTA will come back as soon as possible...
olesien Welcome back everybody!
MasterDJZ I'm glad to be back on this amazing server .

Network coming back

Johandrex posted Feb 13, 17

The network returned 15th of February.
I know there's a lot of bugs, I am working on fixing them. I will write a long ass post about the startup and notify the people on the website & social media that the network is back in 1-2 days. Kindly do use tickets to report bugs - http://www.powercraft.me/tickets. Do not email me since I am not using emails anymore.

[CoolKidsClub] alle031 jo i switched my name back to alle031 and on towny i got kicked out of my own town again even tho im the leader in it t...
sawwerhead123 Tf I lost my Designer rank in creative
Cookieman12334 tried to go on the server still closed :(

Shutting down

Johandrex posted May 19, 16

I'm sorry to announce that the network is shutting down completely by 29th of May. We are shutting down because we are not allowed to sell commands, items or ranks in our webstore that violates Mojangs EULA (End Of User License). We'll be unable to pay our bills on 1200 USD each month because of this. Even if we completely stops with advertising on google adwords and project wonderful we would still have to pay around 800 USD each month. I thought that we would survive this at first. But after the blacklist we lost a lot of unique players online a day as you can see on the image covering the player statistic for the last 30 days - https://gyazo.com/a32436a8d9b8eea83a98cdb1faf4992c

Minecraft is dying anyway. I don't know if you have noticed but other big servers like Badlion, Minetime, Menoxia and lots of other servers have shut down due to the EULA. Server owner over Arkham Network have quit due to EULA as well. I'm honestly a bit relieved to quit Minecraft. Because I have ran Minecraft servers for 4 years (Powercraft, Raidcraft, Raidnation, Minecrave and Powercraft Network) and I have played Minecraft for nearly 6 years (since November 2011 when Minecraft 1.0 released). Minecraft was literally my first computer game. It may sound stupid but I've wanted to play other games like Fallout, Far Cry, Bioshock and other games for a long time but I never have time for that except under summer and winter breaks. I'd also like to get better grades in school as I haven't had time for that shit either. But since I'm graduating next year I will have to get a job. So gotta get those grades.

In our terms and condition we don't offer refunds. But since I am so nice everyone that purchased ranks, items or packages in May can choose between a refund or a download link to all servers files so you can continue to host the server on your pc or save the maps on singleplayer and play there. If you've purchased a lot within the last years you may create a ticket anyway and you may receive the server files too.

Thank you all for the wonderful years and good luck with whatever you decide to do.

YologamingCast RIP Powercraft :(
minecrafty13 my favorite server is shut down NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. WHY MOJANG
minecrafty13 is it shut down now?
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